Newsletter 1 – 2013


Thomas Ahl


The Story behind this painting.

Dear friends,

What’s new in Paris?
Many new impressions in this splendid summerlike autumn…
First this newsletter, where I’ll invite you to discover, on a regular basis, the story behind each painting.
So I felt to start with talking about the painting I called “Harmony”.
Why this title?
I love staying in Paris in August : the city is then very peaceful and feel like a huge village. People  are taking their time to live, every space is easily reachable and filled with smiling faces.
A lady lying and reading a novel in Parc Monceau, inspired me this painting : I love reading all kind of books, so  I was asking myself what characters were filling her imaginary world.
And her quietness inspired the title ” Harmony”.
Hope you like it…

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Harmonie - acrylique-100x120cm


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